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How can I install these cases to my motorcycle?

It all depends on the type of rack that you have on your motorcycle. Generally, the rack manufacturers sell fasteners that are made for their own racks. If they do not have the appropriate fasteners needed, contact us, we can always find you the appropriate fasteners based on your specific needs.

What are the available dimensions of the cases?

You can find all of the measurements in our online boutique. They all have the same length and height. The only variance is the width which depends on the volume needed.

Can I order two different sizes of cases?

Yes. They are sold separately and are reversible. Therefore you can order 2 different sizes and install them on either side of your motorcycle.

How are they sealed?

The diameter of the cover is ½” larger than the base. The sheet of aluminum used for the cover is folded back onto itself producing a lip where a gasket is installed to create the seal. There is also, in addition to that, a lip folded outwards around the base to prevent water from seeping in caused by the wind force.

What is the thickness (gauge) of the aluminum used for the cases?

The body of the case is made of aluminum 5052-H32 that is 0.080” (2mm, 12 gauge) thick. We use the same alloy of aluminum for the cover as well, but it is 0.063” (1.5mm, 14 gauge) thick. Where the gasket is placed, the metal is folded back onto itself creating a double layer, which increases the sturdiness.

What type of material are the latches and strap eyelets made from?

All hardware is made of 304 grade stainless steel, including the rivets.

Where are the cases manufactured?

They are entirely fabricated at Synertek Industries in Lévis, QC, Canada. The latches and strap eyelets are manufactured on-site.

How can we lock the cover?

There are two options, you can either buy a set of three locks that can be installed into the latch, or you can install your own lock.

Is it possible to have cases with special cut outs in order to clear the exhaust of my motorcycle?

Yes, but these are custom orders. If the model does not appear in our catalog, it is not a standard item. As time goes on, we will ensure that more models will be available based on demand.

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