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Tomyjack: The origin of the name

There are some things in life that you are blesses with, while others you work hard to achieve. To put my story into context, I am 41 years old, have three kids, one dog, three cats and a business. My youngest child, Émilie, has always had a gift for renaming things her own way. In our home, we do not have any “serviettes” (towels) or “débarbouillettes” (washcloths) because according to Émilie, we only have “serbouillettes.” This is how Bentylol became Babougnol and our big Bernese Mountain dog, whose name is Tom, now goes by TomyJack. Why? Because Émilie finds that it sounds better.

TomyJack is also the name I use when I register on forums. Why is this? The reason is simple; my big dog was looking at me with admiration while I ate my toast the day that I created my account on Ridaventure.ca. When I started trying to find a brand name for my motorcycle cases, I originally thought that the name needed to include the letters ADV and/or CASE and/or MOTO and/or BOX. While searching on the internet, I realised that all of the manufacturers already use those words or other words that are similar.

I then asked my daughter if she had an idea of a name for my product and she immediately answered with “TomyJack.” Why not!! “The logo could be a Bernese Mountain dog riding a motorcycle,” my wife exclaimed! My son then began drawing to create the logo, and everything was settled. TomyJack is my dog’s nickname.

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