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Universal mounting kit for standard rack

Description and use of universal mounting kit

You can now buy online the universal mounting kit for the TomyJack panniers.  Below, you will find  some explanations on how it work and how to install them.

This universal mounting kit is intended to attach the TomyJack panniers to most racks you can find on the market.

The only requirement is that the rack need to be flat on a vertical plane.  The universal mounting kit will match any tube diameter of the racks we find on the market.

A universal mounting kit includes

Two stainless steel ”Z” brackets

Two stainless steel wear plates

Eight aluminum shims

Two large aluminum thumb screws

Two stainless steel locking bracket

All the necessary hardware.

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Tools needed

To install the universal mounting kit to your pannier, you will need those tools

One drill

Two drill bits, one 11/32” and one 7/32”

A measuring tape

Metric Allen wrench

One 8mm or 5/16 wrench

One C-clamp


How to install the universal mounting kit.

1-Remove the lid of the pannier.

2-Position your pannier on the rack using the C-clamp.  Make sure the hinges of the pannier are outward.  also, make sure the pannier is in the good place and good angle for your bike.

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3-Place the two stainless steel lock in place and mark the position of the holes for the thumb screws.  Make sure the lock can rotate 90 degrees to allow the pannier to be removed without unscrewing completely the thumb screw.  (On the picture below, only one lock in installed because the is no room on this rack to install two).

position loquets

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4-Drill two 11/32” holes on the marks you did at step 3.  Install the two locks.  The thumb screw and the big black washer goes inside the pannier while the lock and the rectangular washer goes outside.

5-Attach the pannier to the rack using the two locks.

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6-While the pannier is well positionned and holded by the locks.  Position the two ”Z” brackets at the bottom of the rack.  Mark the position of the holes.

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7- remove the pannier from the rack and drill four 7/32” holes to screw the ”Z” brackets.

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8- Install the ”Z” brackets with the wear plate underneath.  Add shims if needed.

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9-Put the pannier in place and put back the lid on.

attaches universellesattaches universelles

You are now ready for your adventure!


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