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Why I decided to commercialize motorcycle cases?

It all started during a motorcycle trip around the Grand Canyon in the spring of 2015. I was gone for two weeks with four strangers, who have become my good friends since then. For this trip, I got my bike towed from Quebec to Las Vegas by truck thanks to the great service from Éric Bouvette from mamotomonvoyage.com.
I had, at that time, my Suzuki V-Strom 650 equipped with the original plastic cases. In order to bring enough luggage for a two week camping trip, I had to install my two side cases, the top case and even a big dry-bag that contained my tent, sleeping bag and an inflatable mattress that I kept on my seat. I travelled like this the entire time.
Overloaded and even loaded far too high to go off-roading. My friend Éric, who partook in this trip, had packed the exact same way as me on his V-Strom 1000. We both fell repeatedly. For me, the damage was limited to my two front turn signals. As for Éric, he broke his two plastic side cases. Upon returning from this trip, I swore that I would never travel with those small, round cases that open from the side and have not enough space to bring many things. After researching what was actually available on the market, I decided that I would make my own. Owning a company in this domain, it was very easy for me to make them. My three main criteria being; 1. Sturdiness 2. Enough capacity for all of my camping gear, and 3. Have separate compartments in order to keep them neat and tidy on the inside. So I made two identical sets of cases. One for me and the other set for my friend Éric.
The end results were 60 litres cases, 24” long, super durable and very practical with a separator in the cover. In July 2015, I was off on another trip for three weeks. This time I was leaving with one other person whom I did not know, but who later became another one of my friends. We left from Quebec and we went to Newfoundland by way of the Trans-Labrador Highway. We came back through Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and the New Brunswick. This was a very good first test for the cases. There were a few falls throughout the trails, a few days of rain which enabled me to test how watertight they actually are before and after the waterfalls. It was a major test with 7,000Km, in which 2,000Km were on unpaved roads or trails. This time I made people jealous of my cases. Everything that I needed for this three week camping trip fit in my two side cases. I even stored my telescopic fishing line and tackle box in the compartment under the lid in my right side case. I was even able to keep my top case available to store the beer and food from the night before. Everyone that I met on this trip all had a particular interest in my cases and even told me to keep them updated if ever I decided to make more.
This was not my initial intention. But during the fall of 2015, I started looking to change my bike. It cost me a Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin! The only problem was that the bike wasn’t out yet and I had to wait till June 2016 to get it. During those long months of waiting, I starting thinking about all of this and I decided to rework the blueprints for my cases in order to make new ones for my new baby. That is when I decided to put a little more energy into it and try to market them.

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